Marriage of Gabriel Schmalz & Louise Hörth (January 21, 1874)


No. 3 In the year 1874, on January 21st, were married here by the signer after two proclamations ??? peaceful mother of god ??? here and in Altschweier on the 11th and on the 18th this month and with dispense of the third proclamation and after no obstacle were discovered concerning this marriage: Gabriel Schmalz, thirty years old, unmarried winegrower from Gallenbach, Varnhalt, legitimate son of the winegrower Felix Schmalz from there and of the deceased Johanna Kraus – with Louise Hördt, 22 years old, legitimate daughter of the deceased winegrower Athanes(?) Hörd from Altschweier and of Martina Habich. Witnesses: Kaspar Schmalz, winegrower from Gallenbach and Hilar Hörd, winegrower from Altschweier. Steinbach, 21st January 1874.