Birth of Gabriel Schmalz (February 20, 1844)


No. 7. In the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-four on February 20th, in the night at ten o’clock was born in Gallenbach and on February 22nd in the afternoon was baptized in the church of Steinbach: Gabriel, legitimate son of Felix Schmalz, citizen and winegrower and of Johanna, nee Kraus, from Gallenbach. Witnesses were the unmarried winegrower Karl Kraus, legitimate son of Stephan Kraus, citizen and winegrower and of Helena Schmalz from Varnhalt and Alois Ernst(?) sacristian from Steinbach. Godparents were the first mentioned and the unmarried Rosalia Götz ??? in Gallenbach. Steinach, 22nd February 1844