Birth of Adolph Schmalz (October 23, 1854)


No. 24. In the year onethousand eighthundred and fifty-four on october 23rd, in the evening at four o'clock was born in Gallenbach, Varnhalt, and was baptized on 29 the same month in the afternoon at 2 o'clock by the signing pastor: Adolph, legitimate son of the citizen and winegrower Felix Schmalz from Gallenbach and Johanna Kraus. Godparents: Nikolaus Binz, unmarried son of the winegrower Wilhelm Binz from Gallenbach and his wife Karolina Kraus; Rosemund(?) Krämer wife of Joseph Binz winegrower from Gallenbach. Witnesses: the mentioned godfather Nikolaus Binz and Alois Ernst sacristan all from here, both Catholic. Steinbach, 29th October 1854.